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Veterinary practices are companies that use the AHDB Pork system to provide a range of services to pig producers.

Use the form opposite to send the details of your practice registration to us. An acknowledgement will be sent to the email address you supply on the form. We will contact you to set-up your account.

On Pig Hub, the practice details consist of:

- the practice itself (name address, contact numbers)
- the primary contact, who manages the details of the practice and controls who is a member of the practice
- the members of the practice (veterinarians and administrators) who use Pig Hub.

Once registered, a practice can be selected by a producer and assigned one or more roles that practices undertake for producers. These roles are grouped under the AHDB Pork pig health schemes, BPHS, Significant Diseases Charter and the Pedigree Producers scheme (Pigs Lite).

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